Individual sessions

Sometimes joining a regular yoga class doesn't suit everyone.

Many people work irregular hours and find it impossible to commit to a regular weeklly class. Whilst I do encourage people to attend a different class instead of missing one that isn't always possible.

Some people may prefer or need individual attention.

A general class is designed to suit a range of abilities which may not be appropriate for everyone in every stage of life.

Sometimes you may just prefer to be in your own home surroundings where it may be easier to envisage continuing the practice alone.

Perhaps you just want one or two individual sessions, with a plan for continuing practice to kick start your own personal yoga journey.

If you are interested in booking an individual session either for yourself or with one or two others please state this in the contact form and provide a telephone number and details of when you may be contacted so that we can discuss what kind of yoga you need.

Fees for individual sessions are usually £30 per 60-90 minute session.

Sessions for Companies/Groups/Schools

Someone joined one of my regular classes this year thanks to her employer. When he retired he asked his yoga teacher to come into his workplace to provide a yoga class for everyone there who wanted to try yoga.

That teacher was not me but I would be happy to do the same. All you need is a large enough space for the number of people who want to try yoga to lie down and stretch out. The space does not have to be carpetted but, if it isn't they or you would have to provide mats for them as I don't have that many spare ones.

In fact that is what happened when I taught a session to the Explorer Scouts, they brought their own mats. As did the clients of the NHS group who I taught earlier in 2014.

If children are involved I would need a suitably checked adult to be present at all times, whilst I do hold an enhanced CRB certificate it is not transferable to other areas. As children develop so quickly the sessions would have to be for a specific age group.

Contact me and we can arrange dates, times and fees

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