• Yoga is a practice

    On starting the British Wheel of Yoga Meditation Module recently I was told that meditation is a practice. Whilst a one-off session might have benefits a regular practice where it becomes a habit in your life will give you much more.

    I must admit I have struggled with this, I can find moments of meditation in my daily life but not, as yet, a regular set slot as I have for yoga. I am sure there is an explanation for why it is so hard to find fifteen munutes a day to meditate when it is so easy to spend more than that time online browsing for nothing in particular.

    Some people do not see yoga as something which needs to be practiced. One person approached me for an individual session and expected one session to fix the issue that they struggled with. Yoga is not like that, it is not a procedure, more of a process, the effects of which take time to manifest themselves.

    When I started practicing yoga, or, at least, attending a regular class, I did notice a benefit each time. Being young, I didn't notice much difficulty from not practicing inbetween classes. As I progressed I did begin to find it more difficult to practice after a long break like the summer holidays. These days I notice the difference in my body if I change my practice. Occasionally people in class notice the differences they have discovered from regular yoga practice. These improvements can be seen in those who document their progress in Yoga Selfies, if they compare pictures of themselves in the same pose over time.

    So, yoga might produce a positive change after one session, but, like any improvement it needs to be maintained. Our bodies change, develop, practice can be built on, new habits formed, but without practice we will soon return to our previous state, or habits, or deteriorate further. Sometimes that is what keeps people practicing yoga, because they have found it to be useful in preventing further decline.


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