• What yoga reveals

    Yoga reveals what is already there. So I was told by Helen Barker when I mentioned to her that I experienced heart burn after practising the sequences she taught on a Yoga Therapy IST day.

    The heart burn after yoga was a new experience for me. I was more aware of myself since practising yoga, it was one of the changes I noticed not long after starting.

    Yoga does reveal what is within you already, if you are perceptive enough to notice. Unfortunately not everyone is ready for this experience and the body and mind can use distractions to help us avoid seeing or feeling what is revealed.

    For example, someone new came to one of my classes. Several people had recommended they try yoga. Part way through the class they felt 'spacey', which I found completely normal. That seemed a pleasant feeling to get from yoga, but it wasn't for them and they did not return. I realised only later that the 'spaceyness' may have been a distraction, an avoidance strategy by their mind. They were not ready. Integrating the breath, body and mind would reveal too much at this moment in time. I have had similar experiences on the Meditation Module, zoning out and my body trying to sleep when I wanted to focus on the practice. Yogic practices reveal things about ourselves and the mind and body uses unconscious responses to protect us or the unconscious from being known. These things unfold with time, when they are ready, they cannot be forced. Some people may never experience the awareness that yoga can give them, but they are happy enough to carry on practising. Not many people do reveal what they become aware of in yoga.


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