• The theory and the truth

    With the experience this week of being asked to teach a ready formed class in a venue I did not know, I was reminded of my very first training experiences.

    We were asked to think of and describe what was required from the setting we chose for a class. We had a lot of ideals then. Carpet, warmth parking and good location were probably the most important. But, as you go out into the world you have to change and adapt your ideals. Just because your venue is in the middle of a well-populated area does not mean that the class members will come from that area.

    Someone who lives close to one of my evening classes chooses to come to the day time class which is several miles away.

    Cost didn't enter our heads when we first thought of planning classes. Sometimes the most comfortable venues are the most expensive and, when you do not have guaranteed numbers of people paying you it is hard to commit to renting them.

    When I taught a class for the local college the room they gave me had carpet, it was rather too warm, in a good location with parking but, it had no windows, as soon as the bright, overhead lights were switched off it was pitch black. I solved this issue by procuring lamps but, by the time the college had checked they were suitable and returned them to me it was the last lesson and nobody showed up.

    I was approached by someone who wanted a yoga class in their area and they had a suitable venue which, I do believe, another yoga teacher accepted after I decided not to. The room was fine but the lighting was completely controlled by motion sensors which could not be by-passed. I do have a light like that in one of the venues I do use, but it is just by the entrance the rest of the lights are controlled by switches so, as it flickers on and off it does not disturb anyone.

    Lighting may be a small detail but it can have a huge impact on some people. this is why yoga teachers carry so much stuff, spare mats for students who do not have them, or to block out drafts. Candles and incense to mask the smells left by food, perfume, petrol. Lamps and torches to give sufficient but not obtrusive lighting. behind the scenes I also clamber onto pool tables to reach hard to find light switches.

    After all the places I have seen and used, the room I used at school this week was lovely but I have yet to discover if there is heating in it as it wasn't needed this week.


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