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Lara Bricknell

What to expect in one of Lara's yoga classes?

On the Guestbook there are a few comments from people who have attended classes on a regular basis.

Classes may be small but that allows Lara to give you attention if you need it.

You may be surprised to know that yoga is not always easy. Some postures may look simple but can be more difficult than they look. Similarly, some postures which may look difficult to achieve could actually be quite simple to attain.

Whilst there may not be a mix of sexes in each class yet, there is always a mix of ages. Age is no barrier to yoga, you can start at any age. So you are likely to find people in the class who are both older and younger than you.

You may find that some people in the class can get into postures which you can't yet. You may also find that you can do something which others cannot. Because everyone can do something it really doesn't matter. What matters is that everyone is comfortable with what they are doing so people do ask questions, which Lara will try and answer or investigate.

Often people contribute their opinions and, very often, another student can describe a posture in a different way that makes it more accessible to you. We are not all the same, and some people have different learning styles.

The classes are open to everyone and students who have been attending for a while always make newcomers welcome.

Lara has a British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma and has been teaching yoga in Gloucester since 2006.

She continues to study and attend training events so that she always has something fresh to bring to classes.

She has been practising yoga since the age of 17 but there is still plenty to learn. Some things are easier than they were when she was 17, some things are harder, and there are some postures and yoga practices that she hasn't managed to accomplish yet.


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